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Teabag Tips

Teabag tips will help fix our day to day issues with great ease. There are some unbelievable uses of used teabags. In other words, teabags can be used in so many wonderful ways from soothing puffy eyes to zapping bad odor. If you are a lover of tea, be it black, green, white, or herbal tea, you will also surely love various teabag tips.

Teabag Tips
Teabag Tips

Dish Washing

Fill your sink with water put some used teabags in it. Keep your dishes in that water for some time. After some time, it will be very easy to wash your dishes. Tannic acid breaks the grease on the dishes and make them cleaner.

Neutralize Bad Odor

Simply put used teabags in the fridge and it will remove any eliminate any unwanted persistent smell in the fridge. Teabags can be placed at the bottom of trash bins and ashtrays to keep the room free of bad odors. Teabags can also be used to deodorize smelly hands. Washing the hands with soap and water is usually not enough to remove the smell of fish, garlic, or onion in your hands. A quick way to deodorize your smelly hands is by thoroughly scrubbing them with the contents of a used teabag.

Pest Control

Put used tea bags in cupboards and pantries and you will be amazed to observe that pests will keep away from your cupboards.

Skin Care

Antioxidants in the tea will help protect the skin cells from free radicals, keeping it glowing. Using chamomile teabags is a great idea if you want to soothe razor burns naturally. It will also help in irritation and inflammation.

Bad Breath Cure

Teabags can also be used to eliminate mouth bacteria. Alcohol-based mouthwash is stingy and it can leave your mouth dry. Steeping a used teabag in a cup of hot water and allowing it to cool at room temperature makes an effective or natural mouthwash. It helps to eliminate plaque and bad breath.

Deodorize Feet

Fill a small tub with hot water and soak some used teabags in it. When the water becomes lukewarm, soak your feet in it. To get rid of smelly, use the contents of the teabags to scrub your feet.

Remove Dark Circles

One of the most beneficial uses of teabags is removing dark circles around the eyes. Take a pair of used teabags and get it chilled in the fridge. Lie down and place them over your tired and puffy eyes. The tannins in the tea will constrict the blood vessels. To remove the swelling, it’s a good idea to let the teabags stay on your eyes for at least 15 minutes to obtain noticeable results.

Clean Glass

Teabags can also be used to clean glass and mirrors. Simply wipe damp used teabags on glass and mirrors and clean with a soft cloth. Compounds in the tea help break down oil and grease leaving the surface of the glass and mirrors clean and shiny.  Don’t forget to remove the staple wires on the bag beforehand to prevent scratching.

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