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Health Benefits of Green Tea

Although used mainly as a beverage, the health benefits of green tea are recognized by all for many years. When it comes to improvement in cognitive performance and alertness of the brain, the importance of green tea can’t be negated. Green tea is also very helpful in reduction in weight. Mostly, you can find that green tea is beneficial at aiding to support the body in taking away weight as a result of betterment in metabolic rate and sheer excess fat burning capabilities. Once you place this along with the fact that green tea is additionally an antioxidant, you’ll see even more reason to incorporate it into your daily diet plan.  So just add green tea to your lifestyles.

Health Benefits of Green Tea
Health Benefits of Green Tea

What is Green Tea?

The relevant parts of green tea are found in the leaf bud, the leaf itself, and the stem. Green tea is not quite the same as black tea or oolong because of the fact that it is not been fermented. Black tea is fully fermented. Oolong is in fermented but partially. Green tea is produced by steaming new tea leaves at high temperatures.

Several oxidizing enzymes are inactivated in this process., freeing the polyphenols and the flavonoids. Flavonoids include EGCG, EGC, ECG, and EC and they’re referred to as catechins.  They’re also protective of liver health.  There are many health benefits associated with them.

EGCG makes up about 50 to 60% of green tea catechins. The flavonoids in green tea include kaempferol, quercetin, and others.  Green tea also has vital estrogens including beta-sitosterol and lignum precursors, as well as xanthines. Green tea possesses about 2-4% caffeine or 80- 100 milligrams per cup.

Another constituent of green tea is an important amino acid called L-Phenylalanine.

Key Health Benefits of Green Tea

health benefits of drinking green tea
health benefits of drinking green tea

Green Tea so many benefits that can’t be encompassed in-depth in one article.  When it comes to the treatment of diarrhea, vomiting, upset stomachs, and headaches, then green tea is found to be very beneficial.

It is also very helpful in releasing depression, improving fatty levers, all types of colitis, weight loss, osteoporosis, and several types of cancer. It’s an antiviral for human papilloma virus and warts, both high and low blood pressure, diabetes, lupus, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Gargles of green tea have been used for the cure of colds and flu and in foods.

Now let us discuss some of the key benefits of using green tea:


Catechins that are present in green tea are very helpful in the reduction of inflammation and cures against any damage of the cartilage.


Many different types of cancer have been studied and shown that the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory catechins and polyphenols can be protective against the development of certain types of cancers.  It’s not a treatment, but it helps to reduce risk factors because of those antioxidants and polyphenols.

 An Anticoagulant

So, there’s some evidence that green tea is suppressive for thromboxane and the development of platelet aggregation and that of course is helpful for reducing risk factors for cardiovascular disease.  We know that green tea is a powerful anti-inflammatory food or beverage.

It helps to reduce low-density lipoproteins and low-density cholesterol and it may improve and increase good cholesterol HDL.  The antioxidant effects of green tea and its constituent catechins are thought to explain some of its clinical effects, especially related to anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer, hepatoprotective, or liver protective and cardiovascular health. In human research, green tea and it’s catechins have been shown to protect against the oxidative damage caused by exercise and smoking, as well as just general oxidative damage.


It is evident that the polyphenols and flavonoids, the catechins are antiviral.  They have the potential for human papilloma virus and the virus that causes warts on the skin to be inhibitory towards those viruses.

Blood Pressure

Some population research suggests that drinking green tea reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure. It is very important for cognitive health.  Green tea contains up to 4% caffeine or roughly 80 to 100 milligrams per cup.  Possible mechanisms for helping with memory lapses and cognitive decline and cognitive health include adenosine receptor blockade and phosphodiesterase inhibition.

Skin Care

Some evidence suggests that oral and topical application of products containing green tea may improve skin elasticity, hydration, skin roughness, i.e.  Anti-aging.

Immune System

Green tea is important for immune health.  It helps to stimulate the immune system.  There’s some evidence from clinical research that taking green tea formulations reduces the risk of developing a clinical cold or flu-like symptoms.

Weight Loss

Finally, it’s been used for weight loss. This tea is commonly considered as helpful for weight loss. Although Evidence from clinical trials is mixed, although some studies do show that weight loss, with specific products, can occur from taking green tea.

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