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Ten Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is consumed mainly as a beverage and has great health benefits. The Camellia Sinensis plant is rich in polyphenols, which are a form of antioxidants.

Ten Benefits of Drinking Tea
Benefits of Tea

Researches have confirmed that antioxidants in black and green tea are extremely beneficial for humans.

Top ten health benefits of tea are:

Boost Brain Alertness

Amie acid L- Theanine is found in tea leaves. So, the use of tea helps in increasing alertness of the brain by affecting neurotransmitters. As a result of this, the brain also gets relaxed and calm.

It is important to know that the adverse effects of aging and pollution on human beings can be negated using antioxidants.

Less Caffeine

Coffee has more caffeine than tea contains. Normally, coffee has twice or thrice times more caffeine than tea.

If one feels indigestion, headache, or disturbance in sleep, then it is recommended to switch to tea to avoid the effects of caffeine.

Reduced Heart Attack Risk

Drinking tea is believed to reduce heart attack risk due to clots of blood which are created from cholesterol and blood platelets. Arteries can be kept smooth and clog-free through tea usage.

Chances of heart attack are reduced drastically if two to three cups of tea are consumed daily.

Strong Bones

Tea safeguards the bones. There is a point of view that the milk in the tea helps in building solid bones. Analysts made a comparison of tea users and non-tea users. It was discovered that individuals who drank tea for at least ten years had more strong bones than non-tea users.

Healthy Teeth

Tea gives you healthy teeth, but for that you need to drink sugar-free tea. It’s the sugar in the tea that is not good for teeth. But if you drink unsweetened tea, then it will help in containing fluoride and keeps plaque at distance.

Immune Booster

Tea bolsters the immune system of the body to help fight against the infections.

Anti-Cancer Agent

Tea helps in protection against cancer. Cancer-fighting capabilities are found in polyphenols, the antioxidants found in tea. Potential cancer-protective effects of drinking tea are currently been under research.

Keeps You Hydrated

Drinking tea helps in keeping the human body hydrated. Since caffeine is considered as a diuretic agent and causes frequent urination, the recognition was that drinks with caffeine couldn’t add to our general liquid prerequisite. Anyway, ongoing studies have indicated that caffeine truly doesn’t make a difference. The use of caffeine turns into an issue undoubtedly at the point when intake of the caffeinated drink is more than five or six cups at once.

Zero Calories

Tea is a calorie-free drink. Calories are added to the tea if milk, sugar, or sweetener is used. Tea is a top choice in terms of calorie-free beverages.

Boosts Metabolism

Tea helps in boosting your metabolism. Green tea can augment the metabolism rate of the people who has a sluggish rate of metabolism. If green tea is consumed regularly, additional calories can be burnt.

As humans we ought to maintain a good balance in life. Drinking an excessive amount of tea might be destructive and drinking too little may not be sufficiently advantageous. It is smarter to drink tea when it is tepid or warm temperature.

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