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How to Make Tea

Tea is one of the most cherished hot beverages in the world. All around the world, different methods are used to make this drink. Consumption of this drink is increased in cold winters. A good cup of this beverage is considered as energy provider and refresher.


The recipe includes water, tea leaves, milk, and sugar. Make sure to use the best quality tea for making a great drink.

Preparation of Tea

During the preparation all steps should be given great attention to detail from water boiling till the final presentation.

First of all, warm your vessel in which drink is to be prepared. Make sure you use fresh water for making the drink so that you get the best taste of leave. Put water in the vessel. Wait till the water starts to boil. Then add leaves in the boiling water. Boil till the color of leaves emerges out and to properly extract all the flavor of leaves. Don’t boil water for too long as this damages the leaves and they release too many tannic acids into the water creating a bitter palate.

Correct timing is of utmost importance to make an excellent cup. For black tea, a maximum of five minutes is enough. For green tea three minutes are enough, and for white tea three to four minutes are needed. If there is taste bitterness, the best way is to either dilute the drink with hot water or use more sugar. Use one teaspoon of leaves per cup of water e.g. a two-cup pot requires two teaspoons of leaves and a four-cup teapot requires four teaspoons of tea leaves.

Then put the water through the sieve to remove leaves. Then put milk in that water. The purpose of putting in milk at the end is that you can see the color of your drink- you don’t have to guess how much milk to put in first and ruin a perfectly good cup of drink that way. Also add sugar as per your taste.


Teaware Types

Different cultures use a wide array of teaware. Though some are more traditional than others depending on the varietal of drink and the ceremony. Each pot can be used universally and interchangeably. There are three main types of teapots:

  • Pot with a Built-in Infuser. Simply remove the basket of leaves before serving
  • Pot with an Exterior Strainer- Exterior strainer is used to strain off the leaves by pouring the tea into a second teapot
  • French Press or Leaves Tea Press- Tea and herbals will continue to steep until the plunger is pressed down gently to the bottom. Once the plunger is at the bottom, the tea will stop infusing. The tea or herbals are pushed all the way to the base where the water cannot easily pass through the leaves to produce more flavor. If one presses down on the plunger and feels that the drink or herbals are not strong enough then simply pull the plunger back up.

So use the method mentioned in this post to enjoy a great cup of tea!

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